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Fees structure for real estate conveyancing

imagesIf any of the above frustrations applies to you, then you might as well go right out and buy a Epson Stylus 900 color printer – and be sure to get one with a USB connection! The Epson 900 is fast – it claims to print up to 10 ppm in color and 12 ppm in black. In reality, once you add complex graphics or color photographs, it will slow down considerably. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Passenger Ralph Royse sustained minor injuries.

Just the same, I recently clocked mine and it ran 30 pages of text with light graphics and some color in 4 minutes 31 seconds, clearly a big step above average! The Epson also offers unparalleled quality. At up to 1440 dots per inch (dpi) you can actually print photographs that will fool any casual onlooker into believing you had used film, and I’ve got the framed portraits to prove it.

The report is based on research by Terry Martin, the former CEO of the WA Ministry for Planning, undertaken on behalf of the Property Council.The Epson can be reliably connected to your USB port (assuming you’ve got a newer computer and are running Windows 98) with no hassle or set-up troubles whatsoever.

The beauty of this last part is that the USB port configures itself, prints faster, and leaves the parallel port free for your scanner, external ZIP drive or any other of the many peripherals that have come to rely on printer port connections. The conveyancing lawyers help their clients to prevent from the tough process of property transaction. are always standing with our clients during the whole transaction of buying property. Finally, with a street-price (on the Internet, of course) of just under $350, the Epson Stylus 900 offers an incredible value to anyone who’s always wanted more from their printer.

Mr Martin was at the launch today, which was held just prior to the only public Lord Mayoral Debate also hosted by the Property Council at the Hyatt.Property watchers were advised by Premier Richard Court to watch where the Government was spending on its expanded capital works program if they wanted to know where the future of development lay.That’s the only tip I give you today,” he said, after making special mention of Bunbury and Geraldton as well as references to Fremantle, Leighton Beach and Joondalup and city capital works in general.

But he did suggest that Joondalup had been underestimated as a university city.That he wouldn’t be surprised if real estate opportunities, including residential, arose there in relation to education over the next decade

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Real estate property market and Conveyancing Prices

In the wake of the Barrack Square bell-tower design controversy Mr Court was keen to make his peace with as many architects as possible before the announcement. He said: “Instead of just ordinary type developments, we are saying to the architectural world, you give us the best possible designs so as we move into the next millenium.This State can be proud of the fact that we have made a lot of progress.

The Kentucky Lottery brought the state more than $172 million in tax revenue during the most recent fiscal year, lottery spokesman Rick Redman said. More than $6 million a year comes in from race tracks through taxes on pari-mutuel betting and other sources, according to Kentucky Revenue Cabinet figures.

Kevin Taylor, 33, of Louisville, said that although some people become addicted to gambling, responsible and recreational gamblers should not be penalized.”We are now a mature, affluent city and there is no reason why we can’t become a leader in many of these different types of projects. There will be even more projects that we will be announcing this year.” However, asked about the lack of design competitions for architects, his candidness brought the house down when he said: “Design competitions usually give you a camel.

I’ve got to be very careful talking about architects. “I worked at a gas station where people would come in and spend $80 a night on lottery tickets,” said Karel Kinnett, 23, of Louisville’s Portland neighborhood, who also responded to the poll. “I just think it’s a waste of money.”

In many ways I wish you were a much more conservative group than I wouldn’t be in as much trouble as I’m currently in. You can contact us if you are looking for cheap and professional property conveyancers to make a property conveyancing report. She worries, however, about gambling’s corruptive effects. “People don’t have the money to get the things they need, especially when they are gambling big. I think design competitions are a cop-out for governments.

However, he conceded that governments have used architectural competition to good effect in Shanghai and that “it may well be appropriate for some buildings to have an international design competition.” The core values offered by franchises are being challenged by the new economies emerging in the Internet era.” the Rev. Nancy Jo Kemper, who leads Citizens Against Gambling Expansion, writes on the group’s Web site. “Slot machines are called one-armed bandits for a good reason: The house always wins.”

Churchill Downs, Harrah’s and slot-machine manufacturers “stand to take millions of dollars from the coffers of legitimate, everyday businesses and families in Kentucky” if slot machines become legal here, she said. John Asher, vice president of communications for Churchill Downs, said that since the opening of Caesars Indiana in nearby Bridgeport four years ago, live on-track attendance and handle at the legendary home of the Kentucky Derby is down almost 20 percent.

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Online real estate property value

Changes in the lease language: Most lease language is not negotiable since the landlord’s attorney has drafted it. But minor details, such as the number of days guests are allowed to stay overnight, the amount of the late fee, or even the day rent is due can be negotiable.

Pets: Pet owners have the hardest time finding apartments, no matter where they live. But even in complexes that have strict rules about pets, there is sometimes room for negotiation. A landlord may be adamant about the no dogs rule and more willing to make exceptions for cats, for example.

In a soft market, tenants can often get the landlord to hold the apartment for up to a month with no charge. But in tighter markets, landlords may want you to split the difference or may even expect you to start paying the next day even if you can’t move in for two weeks.

Improvements: A new rug, paint job or blinds are easily negotiated if the apartment has been vacant for awhile. If the landlord rejects your request for an improvement, you can negotiate paying for it yourself, especially in small, older buildings that need fixing up. Oftentimes a landlord will share the costs with you — either paying for the paint while you do the work or having you pay for the materials while the landlord’s employees do the work. Cheapest solicitors and Conveyancers For changing ownership of properties. Parking spaces: Not all parking spaces are the same. Some have extra storage. And you can sometimes negotiate for an assigned space that’s closer to your apartment or for a second space if you have two cars.

Home seller lost her improvement receipts

But I can’t find the receipts, which my tax advisor says I need to prove my cost basis for the house. What should I do? — Tanya W.

Can homeowner get a tax break for partial residence sale?

This is fine with us, since we can use the money.

The new Robert Bruss special report “If You’re Over 55, How to Claim Your $125,000 Home Sale Tax Exemption, Or More” is available for $4 from Robert Bruss, 251 Park Road, Burlingame, CA 94010.

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Why you must opt for smart conveyancing for your realty deal?

Conveyancing as we know is the legal process of shifting the title of property from the seller to the purchaser. Then there is good conveyancing and even bad conveyancing existing in the market. But beyond these jargons, there lies Smart conveyancing Brisbane that offers the best of the services at reasonable rates owing to well defined transaction handling systems. Precision in conveyancing business comes with experience and determination which in turn is a product of expert knowledge of conveyancing in Brisbane.

What smart conveyancers do is they prioritize and follow their organization of daily tasks with all the concerned parties. They never miss deadlines or keep their customers feel like an alien to them. Such genuine professionals strive to attain the best possible cost efficiencies in their daily tasks pertaining to progress your transaction towards a successful culmination. Accurate conveyancing is nothing but a pure management of the entire process to legally transfer the title of a property from a seller to a buyer. So all it takes is dedication and honesty so as to guarantee a fluid transaction cycle.

Smart conveyancing is not at all about gaining but instead stands for making the customers gain through efficiency and minimal costing. A well charted conveyancing plan when executed by the best team, results into nothing but express and accurate outcomes that make everyone gain. General conveyancing providers have elevated service fee structures since they also include allowances in their stated fee amounts so as to cover up any unforeseen even that occurs while effecting the transaction. But they fail to realize and acknowledge that it is for managing the out of the blue events only that they are being roped in the transaction.

Smart conveyancing providers instead prepare for all such possible bottlenecks in advance and thus capitalize on saving costs. Such costs nominal conveyancers include in their total service fee figures, thereby hurting customer budgets. Genuine conveyancers consider it their duty and privilege to narrate their entire offer transparently to the customers at the very beginning of the transaction to avoid any customer dissatisfaction later. Smart conveyancers would never want to keep their customers in dark but would instead make an extra effort in educating them about every complex detail in a very simple language. They handle the entire process of conveyancing from tracing the preferred property for buyers to performing the post-settlement formalities.

Smart conveyancers thrive in a market where they get the opportunities to present the best of the service offer that they can so as to develop long lasting client-company relations. It is through this way that honest and smart conveyancers cement their legacy in the industry.

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It is just like the prices of the Real Estate Property – Alabama – You cannot always go by prices quoted by estate appraising, they are all just agents

But in many parts of the country, real estate agents have become paralegals helping home buyers and sellers sort out legal quagmires without actually rendering formal legal advice. The legal profession isn’t too keen on this role and consumers should be wary that such advice isn’t rendered by an attorney. But except where attorneys are used routinely in real estate closings such as Florida, this paralegal arrangement is common practice.

One way Realtors protect themselves and stay on top of legal trends is get help from trade associations’ legal help lines.

One of the most sophisticated is the California Assn. of Realtors legal hotline, which operates 24 hours a day through both telephone voice and via e-mail. It is staffed by attorneys.

The voice line gives users the option of boring down on a subject phone tree where agents can find information such as the exact year lead-based paint rules apply and exactly what the law is about real estate disclosure. There are more than 200 common questions in the data tree.

Agents can also wait for a live attorney from the hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. or wait for a return call up to 8 p.m. The service is a free part of membership dues in CAR.

According to CAR general counsel June B. Barlow, there is now an e-mail option in which the question can be sent directly to the legal hotline. But before the staff attorneys respond, they call the agent to make sure there are no conflicts. Property Conveyance has a very different procedure and Property Conveyance is quite different from the Estate Valuation. The valuer combine these elements, together with recent comparable sales in the nearby area and prevailing market conditions, to produce a valuation report.

The hotline gets bout 35,000 calls or e-mails per year.CAR also has a staff attorney who monitors the Real Estate Exchange Forum on CompuServe, which will soon move to the Web.

The California trade group is also planning an e-mail server program, which will provide legal updates as cases are handed down or laws are approved.

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What To Look For When Hiring Property Valuation Lawyers

If you are buying a home for the first time, there is no doubt that there will be quite a few tings running in your mind. It will be mixed feelings. One the one hand the promise of owning a property of your own will be a great feeling. But on the other side the various challenges and difficulties that one could have along the way could be quite frightening for these buyers. while the job of identifying the right property, the right location, the right seller may not be a big task, going through the various legal processes is something that could be quite tough for most of the buyers.

This is because buying a Real estate property valuers is not the same as buying any other movable or immovable property. There are a number of legal, administrative, regulatory and compliance related matters that have to be taken into account. There are a number of legal terms and phrases that could simply be a foreign language for most buyers. However it has to be borne in mind that these legal terms are extremely important and avoiding them or ignoring them could cause more problems than solutions.

It is therefore very important to hire the right property valuation or property settlement professionals to ensure that the entire process of transfer of property from the seller to the buyer happens smoothly. But it is also equally important that the right professionals are recruited. Here are a few important points that should be kept in mind while recruiting these professionals.

First and foremost when you have to get the property transferred to your name from the seller, you should try and find out whether you can handle the valuation easily. If this is not possible, it is important to look for property valuation in perth who have the right experience and expertise. They also be certified and possess the right qualification to smoothly handle the entire process of property settlement. They should also be in a position to handle the entire job end to end rather than offering piecemeal solutions.

As a customer you should always look for one stop solution for the entire process of property settlement. There are many who believe in handing over various jobs to various professionals. This is not advisable because it will cause problems and it could delay and jeopardize the entire valuation process. Last but not the least; reasonable pricing is also something that one should bear in mind while looking for these professionals.

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How Important Is Technology In Property Settlement Business

business-mediationThe ways and means by which property settlement business is being done has changed quite dramatically over the past many years. There are many reasons for the same and changing customer taste sand preferences are one major contributory factor. There is also the need to understand the technology is also playing a big role in redefining many businesses and property settlement business is also no exception. Hence if you are into this business there is a need to understand this change and adapt your business models accordingly. We will try and find out how important it is to understand the power and reach of the internet as far as today’s property settlement business is concerned.

Time is the biggest problem and constraints for hundreds of customers. Almost each and every property settlement customers are either in jobs or are running their own businesses. Hence, they hardly have any time for anything and else. Therefore it would not be possible for them to spend hours at length at the conveyancers’ office trying to sort out various documents and get the process of property ownership moving in the right direction. Given such tight situations, the onus lies on the service providers to provide alternate solutions that would make it possible for the customers to complete the job without those repeated visits to the conveyancers adelaide office.

Towards this objective using the power and reach of the internet could be a very great idea. Online conveyancing is being talked about but the entire process of automating conveyancing end to end is not so very easy. Hence, small baby steps can be started and then the process could be scaled up as we move along. The simplest and easiest starting point is to make more effective and efficient use of the email communication. Unfortunately, even today many property settlement companies still continue to use the conventional modes of delivering documents using mail and courier services. This has to stop if the process of automating conveyancing has to start in the right earnest.

The next important job is to streamline operations at the back office and to use modern technology for movement of documents from one service provider to another. There is no doubt that conveyancing involves the working together or lawyers, valuers, documentation experts and other such professionals and hence there should be perfect coordination as far as movement of documents and reports are concerned. Here using computer technology can certainly help a lot.

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How Property Settlement Can Be Made Affordable And Fast

Sell-Your-Home-Fast-There is no second thought about the opinion that property settlement is a very important part of the entire property ownership transfer from one entity to another. Apart from identifying the right buyer and seller, going through the entire process of property ownership transfer is a difficult and highly complex matter. The reason why many customers often refuse to employ these professionals is for the simple reason that property settlement is perceived to be very expensive and time consuming. While there could be some truth that some property settlement agents perth might be charging a bit high for these jobs, the opinion that it is time consuming is again based on myths and not on facts. If the property settlement companies and agents are professional and properly run then the entire process can be completed well on time.

Here are a few important points to be kept in mind by the professionals to make the entire job of property settlement professional, affordable and fast. First and foremost, the property settlement agents must have a hot line of communication always active with the customers. Towards this objective it is important for them to understand the importance of modern day technology like email and the internet. It is very unfortunate that even today a majority of property settlement professionals continue to use the old ways and means of communicating with their customers. They continue to send documents through ordinary post mail instead of using courier and other forms of faster means of document sending and receiving.

Further, quite a few property settlement agents send messages and communications through ordinary postage mails instead of using electronic mails. This is in fact a crime in today’s high tech world and it will certainly delay the entire process of property settlement. Hence, there should be a change in the mental makeup of these professionals and they should move from the past to the present if they are keen on securing their future.

The next important point that could make a difference in hastening the entire process of property settlement is the need to try and offer online uploading of documents by the customer. This will save lot of time. However this requires investment of money by the settlement companies. This can be done in a phased manner and could be first thrown open to a handful of customers and then gradually extended to other customers as days go by and as more experienced is gathered.

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How To Use Technology In Furthering Property Conveyancing Business

Buy-and-Sell-HouseCompetition is quite intense in almost each and every business and there is no doubt that conveyancing solicitors in Sydney is also no exception. While there are many who still continue to bank of trusted brick and mortar ways of doing business there is no doubt that they can ill afford to ignore the growing impact of modern day technology. When we refer to modern day technology the first thing that comes to our mind is the internet and it growing influence in the way we run various businesses. Hence if you are into property conveyancing and struggling to take on competition using the traditional methods, your decision to turn to the internet could prove very useful. It could go a long way in helping you to move your business to the next higher level. It will help you in your endeavor to network better with more people and will also help you to strengthen and deepen relationships. However, you must know how to go about it in a step by step manner.

The first thing you should do is to have a website that is informative and interesting to the customers. It should entice them to come back to your website over and over again. The information that is provided in your website should not be static but should keep changing regularly. It should pertain to real estate industry in general and conveyancing business in particular. Further as a conveyancer who want to take on competition aggressively it is vital that you understand the importance of using the various social media sites to your advantage. For example you should make it a point to be aggressively present in sites like Twitter, Facebook and other such sites.

It is also important to use the internet to come out with unique ideas that could add more value to customers. For example, you must try and offer online conveyancing to customers. Though this is not an easy task, once you are able to do it, there is no doubt you will be giving a new shape to your business and will be one up as far as competition is concerned. He added: “The local architects have proven themselves to be very innovative, quite willing to bring in outside people but not necessarily have them dominating the process.

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Technology And Modern Day Property Conveyancing Business

gerencia-projetosModern day technologies like the computer, internet and mobile telephony have well and truly given a new definition to the way businesses are done across the world. These technologies have impacted almost all businesses and real estate conveyancing is also no exception. Hence even if a conveyancers melbourne business is running well today, there cannot be any reason for being complacent about it. This is because changing customer habits, buying preferences and choices are making it difficult for even established players to depend on the old ways of marketing their conveyancing services to their customers.

I’m just buttering you up because we are going to be doing the Fremantle Maritime Museum in a few weeks and that will need a bit of political courage as well.”There are quite a few processes that are involved and quite a few professionals are a part of it. Hence, it is important to always look for conveyancers who are able to give the best in terms of price, timely services and efficiency in service standards.  Today’s customers are short on time and therefore look for convenience when it comes to any product or services. Hence, if as a conveyancing company we are able to offer online conveyancing and other such home-delivery facilities it will certainly go a long way in helping the customers. They will find value additions in such services and would even be willing to pay more for it.

Additionally, being present on the internet will certainly help conveyancers to build a more efficient and effective network. It will without any doubt help the service providers to look for new prospects and customers in an efficient and cost effective manner. It will also help strengthen existing relationships apart from building new ones. However, being on the internet cannot be done is a piecemeal manner. One has to go whole hog after it and be aggressive about it whether it is being present on the various social media websites or taking up online memberships with reputed institutions and organizations that have something in common. Mr Court was speaking after a separate media launch of Planning Minister Graham Kierath’s “Future Perth Project” and commented little on planning and development proposals put forward by the Property Council.

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Signing of final contracts and post conveyancing formalities

Teesland has previously pre-let 4,381 sq m (47,136 sq ft) over 6 floors at 50 Broadway on five individual 20-year leases to Bircham & Co. 50 Broadway, which is due for completion in July 2001, was forward sold by Teesland to Henderson Investors’ client, NPI for £40 million in July 2000. The building is part refurbishment and part new build, will offer approximately 6,664 sq m (71,700 sq ft) of air-conditioned headquarters space, overlooking St James Park.

There are lots of steps in the conveyancing process. The process of Enact Conveyancing Brisbane starts with drafting of contracts from both the conveyancers. After the contract drafting, the properties searches are conducted. These searches are conducted from the local authorities and the land registry.

A completion date is mutually decided by both parties which is generally 4 – 12 weeks after the exchange of contracts. To secure commitments for lettings of this size well ahead of practical completion in July 2001 highlights the quality of the complex work that Teesland has undertaken at 50 Broadway. The pre-letting to two such prestigious companies gives NPI a great foundation for its investment, whilst the space offers Regus and Bircham & Co. an extremely high quality environment. We believe that this has been a complete success for all involved

The exchange of contracts is carried over phone for records and a date for final signing is decided which takes 30 minimum days. After all these formalities contracts are signed between the parties and after the signing the remaining stamp duties are paid off by the conveyancers and all the legal documents will be received by the conveyancer within 20 days and all the bills of the payments are received and the process comes to an final end.

We regard this location as one that will complement our existing Victoria facility at Stag Place whilst drawing on the active customer base now coming through from Westminster. We are delighted to have consummated the Joint Venture agreement with Teesland by way of this first deal.

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Why is Conveyancing required in buying or selling?

Whenever any buying or selling of property takes place whether for buying or selling of the same the term Enact Conveyancing Adelaide is completely required because by the help of the process of conveyencing different things related to buying as well as selling can be easily known and by proper efforts as well as by proper working on it the required results can be achieved very easily as well the complete process turns to be very beneficial for the client as well as for the seller. All legal formalities are also seen here.

Third quarter take up totalled 2.7 million square feet, the second highest quarterly total of the decade. A further 5.9 million square feet was under offer at 30th September, comprising 3.2 million square feet of completed floorspace and 2.7 million square feet in eight pre-commitments to proposed new developments in the City and Docklands. Almost a third of available Grade A and Grade B space across the whole of Central London is under offer.

Over the last two years, take-up of completed Grade A and Grade B office space has averaged 1.6 million square feet per quarter, yet, at 30th September speculative office space under construction, scheduled for delivery over the next 15 months, totalled just 2.3 million square feet. The Central London vacancy rate, currently 7.5%, is expected to decline rapidly.

Strong demand and the dwindling supply of good quality offices is producing strong rental growth in the West End, City and Docklands. The £50 per square foot barrier has been breached in the West End and is about to be reached in the City – based on deals done or under offer as at 30th September.

By 30th September, turnover in the Central London investment market had reached 3.28 billion, exceeding the full year turnover for every year since 1989 – and 40% above the average full year total for the years 1990 – 1996.

Confidence in the development market has been illustrated by the fact that 18% of the year’s turnover, in 45 transactions, has been with regard to development properties. John Stephen, Investment Partner commented: “Occupiers are increasingly confident about their businesses; investors are gaining confidence in prospects for top level rental growth as new buildings are delivered and let.

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Importance of conveyancer in conveyancing

A good, qualified and well trained conveyancer can make the conveyancing process run smooth and fast. It is really important for a client to hire a proper conveyancer with all the essential training in order to finish the process quickly. It is always advisable to hire a conveyancer rather than a solicitor when it comes to conveyancing.

A tentative investment market has started to develop in Russia but international investors still hesitate. Apart from unfamiliarity with the market, potential buyers are still wary of Russia’s political and economic climate.The new EU members are maturing rapidly but still offer a yield advantage over the West. Property in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic has come of age and secondary trading of assets has begun. Three years ago, Class A offices in Prague and Budapest traded at yields of 9.5%, but sub 8% yields are now common in spite of a relatively weak occupational market. Yields are expected to hit 7% within the next two years and may stop falling at this stage, even if growth prospects are better than in Western Europe.

Along with it should be check if the Enact Settlement Agents Perth is licensed and should be as well member of the fellow associations related to conveyancing. Conveyancer acts as a catalyst in conveyancing process and makes the process as quick as possible and effective.

While there is no political or economic risk there is still property and occupier risk. Investors will not find it feasible to invest at sub-7% yields when they can get that rate in Brussels, Paris or Berlin. In the short term, demand will see yields in these maturing markets continuing to converge with the West. Solid economic growth will be needed to sustain that trend and if it continues capital will move farther east, or return to the West.

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Property conveyancing process is easy to performed by conveyancers

Act Conveyancing Sydney are the legal people in the field of real estate to manage the legal processes of property related case and they are able to do so because of their expertise and specialization in the field of property. the proposed development of 29ha around the Hart, Bateup, Wensley and Paton Rd intersection is included in both proposals. It is estimated the bigger option could allow more than 3000 new houses to be built. Council policy planner Steve Markham said public feedback would determine which option the council chose.

To avoid any type of error or mistake in your full process you will have to appoint an experienced and licensed conveyancer for managing your full process of property conveyancing. After months of slow or zero growth, the number of tourists visiting Nelson has jumped by its highest amount for almost two years. jumping from 122,404 in March 2004 to 137,620 in March this year. But accommodation providers may not be noticing the increase as the number of beds in the region had increased 6.9 percent during the past year, he said.

A council-owned right of way leading to Strawbridge Square in Stoke is to be sold to a nearby property owner for use in a redevelopment. Nelson City Council’s corporate governance committee agreed to sell the small gravel right of way to the owner of nearby property – 506 Main Rd Stoke – at its meeting last Thursday. California Properties, which owns the property, had asked the council to surrender the right of way so it could extend a building.

Making a legal choice and hiring them for doing your property conveyancing process is a tough task but if remember some rules then it will become much easier to make a good choice for hiring the conveyancer for doing your full property conveyancing process.  Remove your tension and hire a licensed and experienced conveyancer for managing your full process.

Company director Allister Nalder said the company planned to add a two-storey extension at the back of the building. The Main Rd Stoke frontage of the building would house Summit Real Estate and the back section, which will front Strawbridge Square, would house its property management division.

California Properties will pay the current market value for the right of way and the council’s legal costs. It would also split the estimated $11,000 cost of relocating a sewer line with the council. The Nelson City Council and the Department of Conservation are urging the Tasman District Council to provide wastewater reticulation for its new rural 3 zone – in the interests of protecting the environment and the Waimea Inlet.

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Certified Practising real estate Conveyancers

Bob Bruss Syndicated columnist, attorney and real estate guru Robert Bruss can be found on the World Wide Web at the “Robert Bruss Real Estate Center”, where consumers can read his latest articles and newsletter stories and delve into a plethora of special publications written by one of the nation’s leading real estate experts.

Teaming up with Inman News Features, which is co-marketing the site and helping to package his specialized real estate content for the Internet, Bruss will offer an online Q&A column, features from his newsletters and access to his many real estate libraries of information.

Find a conveyancing business in the locality that most suits your need. Our expert solicitors/lawyers or property conveyancers are preparing vital conveyancing report for our customers. “Cabinet has not yet made a decision on what the different options are on what they can put in place.

Consumers can direct order specialized publications such as:

   How to Quickly Buy or Sell Your Home With a Lease Option

   How Senior Citizens can Shop for a Reverse Mortgage

   How to Write A Nothing Down Offer for Your Home or Investment Property.

One of the most prolific real estate writers in the country, Robert Bruss is syndicated in more than 400 newspapers around the country and writes four separate columns on legal trends, book reviews, a general real estate column and his popular Mail Bag column.

Inman News Features is the leading real estate editorial and consumer information company with more than 10,000 pages of consumer real estate content.

The average real estate transaction is packed with difficult legal problems, many of which would require an attorney to sort out in every other walk of life.

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